Old Forest - The Old, Old Forest: Complete Demo Collection 1998-2001 - CD

Old Forest - The Old, Old Forest: Complete Demo Collection 1998-2001 - CD

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OLD FOREST: The Old, Old Forest: The Complete Demo Collection 1998-2001 CD

Absolute cult English gold, this compilation captures 12 slices of essential black metal history, these three demos by Old Forest collected onto CD for the very first time. Evocative and atmospheric, this is the sound of ancient melancholy and darkness.

Emerging in the late 90s, a time when British black metal was almost non-existent, Old Forest were one of the few UK bands to capture the magic of 90s Scandinavian black metal. Indeed, the trio took primary inspiration from early to mid-90s Norwegian bands such as early Gehenna, Burzum, Darkthrone, Emperor and Enslaved, combining this with lyrics and themes from England's rich history, nature and folklore.

Likewise a local influence pervades in the music, with icy buzzsaw riffs, eerie but catchy keyboards, tortured vocals, haunting melodies and a raw battery, meeting the distinctive clean guitar touches and solemn passages familiar to fans of British black metal bands such as Hecate Enthroned and Heathen Deity. The result is 12 bewitching and rousing hymns to the dark primal forces of this ancient land, memorable and even melodic without ever compromising their embittered aura.

Of Mists and Graves demo (1998)

1. Hammer of the Underworld
2. Death in the Cemetery
3. Shadow Whispers
4. The Deepest Caves

The Kingdom of Darkness demo (1998)

5. Where Trees Are Withered
6. To Haunt the Old Forest
7. Hymn of the Deep
8. Become the Gods of War

Sussex Hell Hound demo (2001)

9. The Raven Looks On
10. Black Alchemist
11. Sussex Hell Hound
12. Serpent & Saint