Heathen Deity - True English Black Metal - CASSETTE

Heathen Deity - True English Black Metal - CASSETTE

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HEATHEN DEITY: True English Black Metal cassette
(released by Cult Never Dies, printed cassette, limited to 100 copies, 6 panel inlay)

The long-awaited and much delayed debut full-length from England’s Heathen Deity is an utterly intense and unrelenting assault, soaked in aggression, emotion and anti-Christian vitriol. Over an hour in length, it combines the melancholy darkness of the early Norwegian pioneers with the furious violence and icy melodies of mid-90s Sweden, while also retaining the clean guitar passages sand embittered atmospheres long-established in British black metal.

Utterly faithful to the core values of the movement without ever being derivative, the album manages the rare feat of offering traditional, quality black metal while still bringing an utterly fresh and unique passion and songwriting craft to the genre.

For fans of: Gorgoroth, Endstille, Hecate Enthroned, Marduk, Setherial, early Mayhem.

Artwork created by our longtime comrade, the talented David Thiérrée. Features members and ex-members of Thy Dying Light/Atra Mors, Bal-Sagoth/The Deathtrip, Hecate Enthroned and more. Cassette edition limited to 100 copies with printed cassette and 6 panel inlay including all lyrics.

1. The Gateway Opens
2. Burn in Satan’s Name
3. Condemned to Conception
4. True English Black Metal
5. The Flames of the Gathering Darkness
6. The Black Goat Infernal
7. For the Nameless one - Shemhamforash
8. Beneath the Fires of Albion
9. Gut the Church
10. For the Glory of Satan
11. The Lord of the Knell
12. The Shards of Winter

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